Targeted coaching program
First Time Manager
Support newly appointed managers in successfully settling in their new team-leading role
  • Duration
    6 months
  • Format
    online, powered by the Elatra platform
About the program
Transitioning from an expert role to people leadership can be challenging for new managers. That’s why we created the First Time Manager Program.

This targeted program is specifically designed to enable recently appointed managers to effectively establish themselves in their new people-focused role and grow their self-awareness, confidence and accountability.
Expected results
Increased confidence and competence, with leaders becoming more accountable and self-aware.
Improvement in communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution leading to enhanced team dynamics.
Development of resilient, adaptive, and effective leaders who positively influence their teams and organization.
During the First Time Manager Program, your participants will discover
  • how to enhance self-awareness and leadership impact
  • practices to drive positive team dynamics and workplace environment
  • ways to improve communication and emotional intelligence
  • strategies for aligning individual and company values
  • effective conflict resolution strategies
  • …and more empowering skills acquired with the support of a certified Elatra coach.
How it works
Streamlined personalised coaching experience powered by an interactive digital platform
Sign up
Company nominates participants for a program
Set up
Participants register and are matched with coaches
Participants engage in regular 1:1 coaching sessions and explore relevant content
Participants track and evaluate their progress towards their goals
Company receives regular reports and insights on the impact of coaching
Keep up
Company enables continuous learning and development culture
What our clients say
  • Maria Kokhna
    Head of Lead Generation Department at BrandWizard
    The coaching program in Elatra was a game-changer! It helped me understand my development points and improve my performance as a leader at work. My coach provided invaluable insights and support. Together, we charted a roadmap for my professional growth. And now I lead and manage my team with enhanced trust and productivity.
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