Global digital coaching platform for tech businesses
We empower tech businesses to develop coaching culture to amplify people's performance, engagement and loyalty
Tech-focused businesses face unique challenges, such as propensity to remote work, distributed intercultural teams, shorter employee tenure and soft skills gap.
What we offer
Through the blend of tech insight and coaching expertise, Elatra offers tailored coaching solutions to empower tech companies in supporting their employees and fostering people growth.
Coaching at Elatra helps employees
thrive in their workplace
Numbers Speak Louder Than Words
Monitoring coaching effectiveness used to be complex. However, at Elatra, we make it simple by providing the required metrics, allowing you to see precisely how coaching is impacting your team.
of participants reported increased motivation after coaching.
noticed better performance due to coaching.
saw improved productivity at work due to coaching sessions.
Meet our coaches
Our international coaching team comprises over 200 certified coaches with diverse professional backgrounds and extensive experience in coaching employees of tech businesses.
  • Melanie Coeshott
    Executive & Career Coach
    Professional background: over 20 years in team leadership roles in Finance at Mastercard, Capital One, and other companies combined with 6 years of coaching leaders across a variety of levels and functions.

    Languages: English, French

    Coaching style in three words:
    Inspiring, Thought-provoking, Supportive.
  • Julia Lim
    Executive & Leadership Coach
    Professional background: 25 years of working experience in FMCG multinational companies (Campbell Soup Southeast Asia, Ben Fortunes Manufacturing). Over 15 years in senior leadership positions in the area of Sales, Marketing and Production management.

    Languages: English

    Coaching style in three words:
    Supportive, Challenging and Results Oriented.
  • Anna Zanghi
    Executive & Leadership Coach
    Professional background: 30+ years of leadership experience from focused regional teams to global hybrid project teams at AmWell, Mastercard. Extensive multinational experience in banking and financial services, corporate and public sectors, NGOs, and tech startups.

    Languages: English, French, Italian

    Coaching style in three words: Insightful, Supportive, and Focused on personal growth.
How it works
We provide streamlined personalised coaching experience powered by an interactive digital platform.
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Company selects and nominates participants
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Participants register and are matched with coaches
Participants engage in regular 1:1 coaching sessions and explore relevant content
Participants track and evaluate their progress towards their goals
Company receives regular reports and insights on the impact of coaching
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Company enables continuous learning and development culture
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