Digital coaching platform tailored to tech businesses
We empower businesses to develop coaching culture to amplify people's performance, engagement and loyalty
Coaching helps employees
thrive in their workplace
How it works
Streamlined personalised coaching experience powered by an interactive digital platform
Sign up
Company selects and nominates participants
Set up
Participants register and are matched with coaches
Participants engage in regular 1:1 coaching sessions and explore relevant content
Participants track and evaluate their progress towards their goals
Company receives regular reports and insights on the impact of coaching
Keep up
Company enables continuous learning and development culture
Targeted coaching programs
Our targeted coaching programs provide customized strategies for your employees to bring their skills to the next level
New Employee Onboarding
Onboarding new company’s talent, helping them to quickly and efficiently set up & get up to speed
Supporting new people leaders quickly and effectively set up in their new role
Helping engineering professionals to adapt to new leadership responsibilities and switch from a technical to a people-focused role
New People Leader
Meet our coaches
  • Katya Bashtavenko
    Certified Executive coach (ICF), Mentor, HR consultant, MBA Graduate
    Executive Coaching for top-tier leaders, from Head of Department to Vice President and beyond. Specialization in coaching across navigating complex leadership challenges, building effective leadership communications, leadership wellness.
  • Pat Mallari
    Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Professional Life, Career and Leadership Coach
    Areas of coaching include career development, leadership confidence, life purpose, career alignment and agility, and self-confidence. "I am excited to work with clients eager to make changes in their lives to achieve their goals. Three words that best describe my coaching style are wholeness, goal-oriented, and transformative."
  • Rachael Des Lauriers
    Certified Executive Coach focused on leadership and development. EMCC Global EIA Senior Practitioner and ICF ACC
    "I work closely with clients eager for personal and career growth, helping them navigate change and define their career path, leadership style, and values."
Tangible results for your business
Driving business success by delivering personalized and professional development resources, actionable data insights, and effective strategies to help you maximise impact and reach your company goals
Improved performance
70% increase in individual performance and 50% increase in team performance
Increased engagement
3X higher engagement vs organizations that don’t provide coaching
Higher revenue growth
18% higher revenue growth reported by companies with a strong coaching culture
~700% ROI
The median ROI on business coaching is about 700%, meaning you can expect to see about a 7x return on your coaching investment
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