Transforming people and businesses through targeted coaching programs
At Elatra, we believe in empowering tech-focused businesses to reach new heights by growing employee satisfaction and career fulfillment
Our targeted coaching programs designed to support your employees by providing them with focused and personalized coaching on specific skills and topics that are especially important for your company.

The targeted nature of these programs allows individuals to gain
a deeper understanding of these skills while meeting the unique needs and goals of each employee.
How Elatra´s targeted coaching programs support your employees
  • Supporting growth and professional development of your employees in a way that directly relevant for your company
  • Improving specific skills and competencies that are crucial to the company's success
  • Helping employees gain a deeper understanding of leadership skills and cultivate their abilities in a way aligned to personal needs and preferences
  • Facilitating the development of new perspectives, skills, and habits in alignment with the unique company culture
  • Aligning personal development objectives with the company’s goals
  • Quicker get everyone up to speed, increasing collaboration and driving performance
Targeted coaching programs for your employees

Structured 1:1 coaching sessions targeting key skills combined with in-between relevant micro-learning content
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  • show you Elatra's platform with access to test its opportunities for your business
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