How coaching can increase effectiveness of training and learning programs
Read the article to discover how coaching can assist individuals in achieving sustainable desired changes and maximising ROI of their learning.
To stay competitive and sustainable, it is critical for technology companies to invest in the personal and professional development of their employees. Businesses invest substantial resources and budgets in learning and development (L&D) programs, aiming to enhance skills, boost productivity, and drive innovation.

However, the effectiveness of these programs in delivering measurable returns on investment often falls short of expectations. Some of the reasons include:

  • Immunity to change: despite having conscious goals, individuals often subconsciously resist changes due to hidden commitments and competing assumptions.

  • Forgetting curve: we forget 75-80% of information within the first week, unless we take action to reinforce learnt information.

  • Knowing-doing gap: despite knowing what needs to be done, actual implementation may lag significantly or not occur at all, often due to factors like fear of failure, resistance to change, and the comfort of familiar routines, rather than the lack of knowledge itself.

  • Information overload: people feel disconnected from their company’s L&D offerings, because they either drag them out of the workflow to do something or push content to them when it’s not relevant — both make learning feel like an interruption.

With constant pressure on budgets, it becomes more important for HR and L&D professionals to maximise ROI from the learning and development programs they offer within the company.
One-size-fits-all in Corporate Learning
Corporate learning programs are frequently criticised for their one-size-fits-all approach. On one side, standardised training allows information to be distributed broadly across an organisation. On the other side, it lacks the personalisation and doesn’t address individual motivation, values, learning needs and styles.

This disconnection can result in:

  • Low engagement: generic content may not resonation with all employees.
  • Lack of application: training often fails to translate learning into practical, on-the-job application.
  • Misalignment with personal goals: programs that are not closely aligned with the individual’s goals and values might not produce the desired outcome.

The financial implications of inefficient learning programs are significant. Spending millions of dollars on training initiatives, businesses struggle with persisting skills gap, low utilisation of learning opportunities, and unrealised expected improvements.
Transforming Learning Outcomes with Professional Coaching
Integrating 1:1 professional coaching into the existing L&D strategies can serve as a catalyst to enhance the effectiveness and ROI of corporate learning programs. By creating the right environment, coaching helps individuals achieve sustainable desired change.

Here’s how coaching can make a difference:

  • Customised learning: coaches can tailor their approach to the specific needs and learning styles of individual employees, ensuring that each participant derives maximum benefit from their learning.

  • Enhanced skill application: coaches work closely with employees to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

  • Accountability and support: regular coaching sessions provide ongoing support and motivation, encouraging learners to stay committed to their development goals.

  • Alignment with strategic goals: helping employees align their personal goals with the strategic goals of the organisation, thereby enhancing the relevance and impact of training programmes.

  • Simulation and modelling: coaching provides a safe and encouraging environment for simulating and modelling situations where and how the acquired knowledge can be applied.

In conclusion, while traditional L&D programs are essential for workforce development, they often require a more personalised approach to maximise their effectiveness and ROI.

At Elatra, we provide bespoke coaching solutions for our customers for them to effectively integrate professional coaching into their L&D programs, enhancing their effectiveness and impact.

Schedule your discovery session with us to find out more about coaching solutions at Elatra.

Author: Anya Libus
Leadership & Executive Coach l Chief Solution Officer at Elatra
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