Empowering Leaders: Coaching Journey with Elatra
Customer Story
  • Industry
    Fintech IT company
  • Headquarters
  • Company size
    2000+ employees
The Challenge

The company Exness Group employs over 2000 mostly remote employees who work globally across multiple countries. According to the company's growth, L&D recognized the need to nurture its talent development strategy by addressing several challenges faced by its managers and employees:

  • 1
    Bridging the Management Gap and Empowering New People Leaders
    Recognizing a skills gap among 300 managers, the need arose to enhance essential leadership skills to bridge this gap. Managers, especially newly appointed ones, needed guidance in leading teams, particularly remote ones to maintain engagement and connection among team members. Managers also required support to navigate their everyday leadership challenges effectively in order to stay motivated and drive their own and team’s performance.
  • 2
    Effective Change Management and Internal Career Support
    In the context of ongoing restructuring, effective change management became crucial to facilitate smooth transitions and alleviate employee stress. Exness Group recognized the need for a structured approach to help employees adapt, remain resilient, and stay productive.

    Additionally, the company saw the importance of supporting career development, particularly for employees transitioning into new roles. A comprehensive coaching program was essential to provide guidance, help employees navigate internal career moves, build new competencies, and achieve their professional goals within the company.
The Solution
To meet Exness's needs, we proposed a comprehensive solution utilizing 1:1 bespoke coaching sessions on the Elatra platform.

We provided our customer with access to the platform that covered the full coaching cycle — from an intake questionnaire that helped identify people's main challenges and matched them with relevant coaches, to conducting 1:1 sessions and evaluating results. This solution was designed to be convenient for both employees and L&D professionals, as it allowed managing all stages of coaching in a single interface, saving time and effort, and measuring results from the very first session.

Over the course of four months, every employee was engaged in six individual coaching sessions tailored to their specific goals and challenges. The Elatra platform facilitated this process by providing a content library to enhance the coaching experience.
Key results
General Coaching Experience
  • For the majority of participants, coaching was a new tool, with 81% experiencing coaching for the first time.

  • An impressive 95% of respondents found coaching to be a relevant tool for their personal and professional development, indicating a strong alignment with their needs and expectations.

  • The entire program received high satisfaction ratings: 4.8/5 for session helpfulness and 4.9/5 for coach effectiveness.
Goal Achievement
  • All respondents (100%) reported making progress towards their goals.

  • Managers observed significant improvements in their ability to lead remote and hybrid teams. Key areas of progress included maintaining engagement and connection among remote employees, as well as addressing feelings of disconnection and lack of support.
  • Employees highlighted significant enhancements in communication skills, confidence, and emotional intelligence, all of which are vital competencies in the workplace.
Career Aspirations and Performance
  • All respondents (100%) noticed progress towards their career aspirations. These achievements included success in their current roles, deepened professional expertise, and even receiving promotions, and transitioning to managerial roles.
  • All respondents (100%) reported improvement in performance, productivity, and motivation, with 72% experiencing moderate improvement in performance, 44% seeing moderate increases in productivity and 44% noticing significant improvement in motivation.
User Experience of the Elatra Platform
  • Participants highly rated the usability of the Elatra platform, with 89% finding it easy to use and feeling adequately informed through its communication channels.

  • Additionally, 100% of participants found the shared resources on Elatra helpful, contributing to the overall positive coaching experience.


The pilot coaching program not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating the profound impact of tailored coaching on individual and organizational performance.

By introducing employees and managers to coaching with Elatra, the company successfully laid the foundation for scaling a sustainable coaching culture, fostering a more engaged, skilled, and motivated workforce.

  • 4.9
    Average coach effectiveness score

  • 95%
    Found coaching relevant for their personal and professional development

  • 100%
    Managers reported making progress towards their goals

  • 72%
    Managers reported moderate improvement in performance as a result of coaching
  • 44%
    Managers reported significant improvement in motivation as a result of coaching
  • 89%
    Found Elatra platform easy to use and feeling adequately informed through its communication channels
Feedback from Employees
"I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences and challenges with a coach. Her approachability and openness created a safe space for me to discuss sensitive topics related to my role as head of department."
"My coach guided me to be brave to resolve conflicts between my team and another team, which I practiced and helped a lot."
"I found the focus on personal growth particularly beneficial. It allowed me to see opportunities for improvement and development in areas where I may not have previously considered."
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