Empowering new leaders: the transformative journey from engineer to leader
Get to know the New Leader Coaching Program by Elatra and how it helps IT companies facilitate transition of tech experts to management roles.
We frequently hear from our customers from the IT industry about the struggles that newly appointed managers face. Transitioning from a technical role to a people leadership role can be challenging for both, for the employee and for the company, because:
  • Experienced software engineers or highly performing experts may become ineffective leaders, and this can lead to mutual dissatisfaction and consequently burnout.
  • Without proper support and enablement, these new managers might decide to leave the company, taking all their knowledge and expertise with them.
  • The company has to hire new managers, quite often externally, which is usually a more expensive route.
Elatra's New Leader Coaching Program has been specially designed to address the unique challenges faced by newly appointed people leaders. This targeted program aims at supporting experts to effectively set up in their new role.
New Leader Coaching Program: curriculum and methodology
The 6-month program comprises 12 individual coaching sessions reinforced with micro-learning content to provoke thinking and facilitate the application of coaching topics.

The curriculum is strategically designed to help participants:

  • understand the expectations of their new roles
  • align their personal values with their professional responsibilities
  • improve people management skills, like giving feedback, delegating effectively, managing conflict.
“In this structured coaching program, employees will work with their coach during the sessions and will get access to the micro-learning content between the sessions. This content is selected around the coaching topics to provoke curiosity and bring ideas that can be discussed with the coach”, says Anna Libus, Chief Solutions Officer at Elatra.

Anna Libus
Chief Solutions Officer
Impact and outcomes
Participants report significant boosts in confidence and competence in their leadership roles, as they become more self-aware and accountable. This translates into tangible improvements in:

  • communication
  • emotional intelligence
  • conflict resolution
  • better team dynamics
  • and a more positive work environment.
For companies, investing in this program means cultivating resilient, adaptable, and effective leaders who can promote these benefits throughout the organization.
Starting the journey with Elatra
The New Leader Coaching Program implementation begins with a discovery meeting. This initial consultation is designed to understand a company's specific challenges and goals. It serves as a foundation for creating a tailored coaching solution that aligns with the company's talent management strategies and objectives, setting the stage for a successful leadership transformation.
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