Creating a personalized path to growth: Elatra's bespoke and targeted coaching programs
Learn how to choose between bespoke coaching sessions and targeted coaching programs.
In the fast-evolving landscape of professional development, the Elatra digital coaching platform stands out by offering tailored coaching solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

Anya Libus, Chief Solution Officer at Elatra, highlights the innovative approach that distinguishes Elatra's services, emphasizing the choice between bespoke coaching sessions and targeted coaching programs.
Bespoke Coaching vs. Targeted Coaching Programs: empowering individual and organizational growth
Elatra offers clients two primary coaching formats, each designed for unique purposes and addressing various development needs:

  1. Bespoke coaching sessions
  2. Targeted coaching programs.

Let’s review these formats in more detail.

Bespoke Coaching Sessions: Tailored to individuals seeking to address specific challenges or goals, these sessions offer a personalized 1:1 coaching approach. Coaches employ a variety of techniques to assist in identifying personal targets and creating actionable plans, enhanced by bite-sized content resources to deepen the learning experience.

Targeted Coaching Programs: Designed to achieve specific outcomes, these programs include a structured coaching plan and session topics tailored to broader objectives, such as leadership development. This format provides consistency and systematic progression, perfectly suited for organizations with definitive objectives.

“For example, our New Leader Coaching Program focuses on enabling newly appointed managers to adapt to their new responsibilities, effectively establish themselves in their roles, and progress towards being effective and productive managers”, says Anna Libus, Chief Solutions Officer at Elatra.

Anna Libus
Chief Solutions Officer
Scalable customization: Elatra's approach to meeting unique customer needs
Anya explains that Elatra's strength lies in its scalable customization, a principle applied to the design of the platform from its very beginning.

This approach involves a deep dive into a client's strategic goals, challenges, and talent management processes to craft a coaching solution that resonates with their unique requirements, while assuring a streamlined and scalable coaching experience for all stakeholders.

From assigning a pool of coaches best suited to the client's needs to allowing clients to contribute to the evaluation process, Elatra ensures that each coaching journey is tailored to the unique needs of the businesses and their employees.
Navigating the future with Elatra
Elatra's bespoke and targeted coaching programs offer a dynamic approach to professional development, addressing the specific needs and aspirations of clients in a rapidly changing world.
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