The essential guide to coaching in the tech industry
Learn how professional coaching can help tech companies retain talent, prevent burnout, and address soft skills gap in this guide by Elatra.
The tech industry is a space of innovation and rapid change. Studies show that the modern tech industry demands from tech leaders not just technical proficiency but also continuous learning, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. The challenges of talent management and development are complex, covering areas like preparing leaders, keeping employees engaged and dealing with the constant need for new skills.

Research also shows that HR strategies in the tech industry in 2024 will be shaped by the need to retain key talent and engage employees. Elatra’s recent survey on LinkedIn, in which more than 2000 HR professionals responded, confirmed that retaining key talent, enhancing employee engagement and filling leadership skills gaps are the most pressing talent challenges that companies are facing today.
Professional coaching emerged in the tech industry as a strategic approach to help businesses improve retention, reduce burnout and quiet quitting and enhance overall job satisfaction of their employees.

Let’s dive deeper into the tech industry challenges and how coaching can help address them.
Enhancing leadership skills
Tech leaders are navigating uncharted territories, where their roles extend beyond traditional management to fostering an environment that prioritizes well-being, diversity, and inclusion. The gap in the skills leaders have and the skills they need now can be substantial, adding more pressure and stress for them.

This brings a significant challenge for businesses, especially since half of the employees leave due to ineffective leadership. At the same time, the research reveals that the majority of managers, more than 76%, do not feel prepared and equipped for these expanded roles.
Tackling disengagement and quiet quitting
A staggering 59% of the global workforce feel disconnected from their jobs, leading to burnout and quiet quitting. This means that employees contribute the bare minimum, undermining productivity and innovation. Re-engaging these employees can be the most effective way to boost productivity in businesses.

Coaching can help by assisting employees to realign their values with the organizational goals, reignite a sense of purpose and identify career direction across the organization.
Preventing burnout
As stress levels surge beyond pandemic-era peaks, the risk of burnout becomes more acute. Coaching plays a critical role in equipping employees with strategies to build resilience, establish healthy boundaries, and maintain a work-life balance leading to long-term well-being and productivity.

Identifying longer-term career goals and the path to them is one of the aspects of professional stress reduction, and business coaching can be a great enabler for these changes.
Bridging soft skills gap
The tech industry's rapid evolution creates a constant gap in soft and leadership skills. Coaching facilitates the transformation of technical experts into effective leaders by enhancing their emotional intelligence, communication skills, and ability to lead with empathy and compassion.
Supporting career advancement
Personal development and career advancement rank as the second most important factor after compensation and benefits for employees to remain within their company. Simultaneously, over half of the employees feel a lack of support and guidance in managing their careers and navigating the path toward their professional aspirations.

A lack of development and growth opportunities is prompting ambitious employees to leave, and at the same time, people feel overwhelmed with content pushed out to them during training and online learning programs. They quickly become disengaged from what they learn without enablement and proper support and how to apply the knowledge.
“According to Professor Fogg from Stanford University, three elements must converge at the same moment for a desirable behavior to occur. They are motivation, ability, and prompt. Training and learning programs are primarily focused on creating “ability”, equipping people with knowledge how to do things. But without prompt and motivation, people tend to forget 95% of information within the first week and quickly return to their old familiar ways of doing things. Change is hard, and coaching can be a powerful catalyst in helping people achieve desirable change and successfully apply new knowledge”, says Anna Libus, Chief Solutions Officer at Elatra.

Anna Libus
Chief Solutions Officer
Fostering a culture of continuous learning
The tech industry has shorter employee tenure in comparison to other industries, whereas human capital is the key asset for IT companies. Increased employee disengagement and decreased collaboration in the remote work model are also more traditional in the tech industry.

Looking to the future, we see coaching to become an integral component of talent management and development strategies in tech. It creates a space for reflection, creativity and experimentation, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.
Embarking on a Coaching Journey with Elatra
“I’m convinced that coaching will become an integral part of talent management strategies of tech businesses. It's going in that direction as tech companies need to ensure that their employees are not only technically proficient but are also well equipped and supported to lead, collaborate, innovate, communicate effectively and stay resilient”, adds Anna Libus, Chief Solutions Officer at Elatra.

Anna Libus
Chief Solutions Officer
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