Customer story
New people leaders at BrandWizard report 88% increase in performance and 82% in productivity as a result of coaching
  • Industry
    Software Development
  • Headquarters
    Warsaw, Poland
  • Company size
The challenge
BrandWizard faced a challenge when promoting high-performing individual contributors to managerial positions.

These newly appointed managers encountered challenges in transitioning from individual excellence to empowering and supporting their teams, which led to unnecessary stress and deterioration of performance.

Recognizing the importance of fostering their new managers' growth and potential, BrandWizard's visionary CEO, Palina, made a strategic decision to partner with Elatra to empower their employees with professional coaching.
The solution
Upon the first demo call, Palina immediately recognized that the Elatra’s “New People Leader” targeted coaching program would meet the criteria and desired outcomes.

“The program covered all essential topics for our new managers, ranging from delegation and time management to strategic agility”.

The "New People Leader" program is designed to support newly appointed managers by providing them with focused and personalized coaching on specific skills and topics that are especially important to new people leaders.

Within the program, participants had bi-weekly individual coaching sessions with one of Elatra’s professional coaches, supported by relevant learning content to explore between the sessions.

Through fostering a learning mindset, providing constructive feedback, actively listening, and posing thought-provoking questions, Elatra coaches helped managers to grow and improve the essential leadership skills.
Key results
  • 4.9
    Average coaching sessions helpfulness score

  • 98%
    Find coaching relevant for their personal and professional development

  • 88%
    Managers reported improvement in their performance as a result of coaching

  • 76%
    Managers reported improvement in their motivation as a result of coaching
  • 82%
    Managers reported improvement in their productivity as a result of coaching
  • 92%
    Would recommend coaching to a colleague
Employee feedback
  • Maria
    Head of Lead Generation Department, BrandWizard
    The coaching program was a game-changer! It helped me understand my development points and improve my performance at work. My coach provided invaluable insights and support. Together, we charted a roadmap for growth. I now lead and manage my team with enhanced trust and productivity.
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